07 17 17 pm   massive flows of the holy ghost   cm17
CM17 | Massive Flows of the Holy Ghost - Monday PM
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SMYG Columbus, OH | The Glory Within & The Glory Upon (PM)
Tuesam 20  20take 20no 20thought
Take No Thought (AM)
06 11 17 20sun 20the 20uncommon 20blessing 20zone 20color
The Uncommon Blessing Zone
01 26 17 20wed 20pm 20faith 20just 20keep 20on 20coming
Faith Just Keep On Coming
09 21 16 20wed 20pm 20being 20full 20with 20supernatural 20favor
Becoming Full and Staying Full with Supernatural Favor
06 28 17 20wed 20the 20mysteries 20and 20history 20of 20the 20full 20supply 20of 20the 20spirit
The Mysteries & History of the Full Supply of the Spirit
I 20am 20i 20will 20i 20ahve 20no 20words
I AM, I Will, I Have
04 05 17 20wed 20massive 20maturity
Massive Maturity - MP3
Video 20show 2012 20cover
Apostle's Itinerary & Info
Tue pm recap cover
CM17 | Tuesday PM Recap